Apply the Standard

Ambitious climate policy and responsible corporate climate lobbying are central to limiting global warming to 1.5⁰C. A commitment to the Global Responsible Corporate Climate Lobbying Standard is recognition of the urgency of the situation we all face: that global greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced in order to reach the temperature goals of the Paris Agreement by 2050 or sooner.

All economic actors must use their influence positively to support the efficient design and prompt delivery of public policies in the interests of a just transition. Specifically, on a comply or explain basis we expect each company to ensure their lobbying is governed and delivered in line with the Global Standard on Responsible Corporate Climate Lobbying.

The investor networks that advised on the development of this Global Standard invite asset owners and asset managers to commit to embedding these indicators into your company engagements and own advocacy.


Align all of your climate lobbying with best practice

Prioritise and publish an annual review of how you are lobbying responsibly in support of ambitious climate policy


Commit to embedding this Global Standard into your company engagements and own advocacy

Raise the issue of corporate lobbying in every climate engagement: what policies are required to transition and what is being done to make this ambition a reality?

The time for action on climate lobbying is now: